Romanian Committee

Listed below is the Romanian Committee for IYL 2015:

1) Prof. Dr. Ionel Valentin Vlad

President of the Romanian Academy, National Representative of Romania – IYL 2015

2) Prof. Dr. Nicolae Victor Zamfir

Romanian Academy – President of the Physical Sciences Section, President of the Romanian Physical Society, Project Director of ELI-NP

3) Prof. Dr. Stefan Antohe

Dean of the Faculty of Physics, University of Bucharest

4) Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Cata-Danil

Head of the Physics Department, University "Politehnica" Bucharest

5) Dr. Valentin Craciun

Senior scientific researcher I, President of the Scientific Council of the National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (NILPRP)

6) Dr. Adrian Petris

Senior scientific researcher I, Dept. Lasers, NILPRP

7) Dr. Maria Dinescu

Senior scientific researcher I, President of the Optics and Lasers Section, Romanian Physical Society

8) Dr. Ioan Ursu

Head of ELI-NP Inovation Cluster

9) Dr. Ioan Dancus

Scientific researcher, ELI-NP

10) Dr. Laurentiu Rusen

President of the Student SPIE Chapter Institute of Atomic Physics

11) Petronela Gheorghe

President of the OSA Romanian Student Chapter - NILPRP


Proposed activities for Year of Light (IYL) and Light based Technologies 2015 Romanian Physical Society

Optical Division of Romanian Physical Society will open on the site of Romanian Physical Society a special specific site, where all the action organized at international and national level in the frame of International Year of Light (IYL) and Light based Technologies will be displayed.
The ROMPOPTO Conference 11th edition's in September 2015 will be organized under the auspice of Year of Light. The ROMOPTO International Conference is organized each three years and has as topic lasers and optics: fundamentals and applications.
A special issue of the journal Romanian Reports in Physics will be published in autumn-winter of 2015, with papers on related topic of IYL.
Optical Division of Romanian Physical Society will organize a national workshop on Ultrashort high power lasers systems in Magurele, where the 1 PW Laser from CETAL (Integrated Center for Advanced Laser Technologies)-INFLPR status of art of projects/experiments and installing of 2x10 PW lasers in ELI-NP (Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics) at IFIN-HH will be figured out. Partners in (PNCDI II, etc) projects from different Institutes, Universities and SME’s will be invited to attend the event.
Common actions of Optical Division of Romanian Physical Society with national branches (student chapters) of the International Society for Optics and Photonics - SPIE ( and The American Optical Society - OSA ( will be organized :
  • Visits in Institutes of pupils during the week in April "The school in a different way"
  • Organization of two "Open Day" in INFLPR and in IFIN-HH for visiting the CETAL and ELI-NP infrastructures
  • A special line of lasers and optics experiments will be organized for the "Researcher night"
The traditional yearly Conferences organized by INFLPR and SPIE Student Chapter and OSA Student chapter Romanian branches as INDLAS (International Conference "Modern Laser Applications"), "International Students Conference on Photonic" (ISCP) will be organized under the Auspice of the IYL. The two conferences have a big number of (mainly) young attendees from different activity fields: industry, medicine, biology, science.
Specific posters agreed by the UNESCO and ONU will be installed in schools, universities, but also in other public places.
National Physics Library (IFIN-HH) will organize a permanent exhibition in 2015 with posters related to lasers and photonic applications in science, industry and everyday life.


Events in 2015 Year of Light (IYL)

The Launching of the International Year of Light will take place Thursday, March 12, 2015, at 10.00 AM at National Library of Physics, Magurele.
"Light and Photonics: Science and Technology" Conference will take place in Balti, Republic of Moldova on 22nd of May 2015, at Alecu Russo State University - Balti.
The United Nations proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light. In this year, several scientific discoveries are celebrated at the same time. Many countries have issued commemorative stamps on this occasion, some are designed as real experiments e.g. the stamp issued by Liechtenstein on March 2, 2015

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